Meet Tara Carbo – Owner, Gold Party Event, LLC

Tara was born and raised in Howard County, Maryland. She’s a mother of three and responsible for the team of gold buyers at Gold Party Event.

Tara helps party hosts make the most from their gold parties. Since starting Gold Party Event in 2011, Tara’s helped hundreds of individuals, gold party attendees and charities sell their unwanted jewelry for cash. She’s trained dozens of gold buyers and is firmly committed to giving back. Part of what made Tara interested in starting Gold Party Event was the idea that gold parties could be used for fundraising.

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How Does A Gold Party Work?

One of our certified buyers comes to your party with a scale and a gold testing kit and tests everyone’s jewelry. You and your friends are provided a free, no-obligation offer for the jewelry that’s been tested. It’s that simple.

How Does Gold Party Event Pay?

We pay based on three factors: The karat, the weight of the item in pennyweight and the current price of the tested material.

What Do I Need To Do To Host A Gold Party?

You tell your friends and bring anything that you might want to sell. We’ll help with invitations and email templates if you’d like.

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We serve Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Florida.
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Disclaimer: Our Certified Buyers are fully licensed in all municipalities in which we operate. In addition, we adhere to all laws regulating the brokering of second-hand precious metals. These laws include, but are not limited to, locations where transactions may legally take place and how hosts are rewarded for their marketing efforts. We do not pay host commissions in Maryland. Please contact us for detailed information about your area.