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Easy, Risk-free Charity Fundraisers!

We’ve helped churches, synagogues, non-profits, and even sports teams host successful fundraising campaigns using gold parties. Why should you partner with Gold Party Event for your charity’s next fundraiser? Because you can raise money from your supporters without asking for donations! Here are a couple more reasons why we think you should give us try:

Raise Money Without Asking For Cash

100% Risk-free

No Expenses or Up-front Costs

60 Day Fundraising Campaigns

Get Even More Community Participation

No Limit To The Amount You Can Raise

Interested In Hosting A Charity Fundraiser?

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How It Works

1. Pick A Date For Your Fundraising Campaign’s Kickoff

Our campaigns last for 60 days after their “kickoff”. During that time, any jewelry your supporters sell to GPE will count towards your campaign’s fundraising total.

2. Promote Your Gold Party Fundraising Campaign Kickoff To Your Supporters.

Get the word out to your supporters letting them know about your campaign’s kickoff. Our most successful fundraisers involve a strong kickoff party. More of your supporters will understand how easy our gold parties are and more will be likely to book their own parties.

3. Encourage Your Supporters To Host Their Own Parties.

Continue to remind your supporters that they can help your campaign simply by selling their old, unwanted items for cash. Just this simple act earns your charity money and doesn’t cost your supporters anything. The more parties your supporters book – and the more attendees at each party – the more money raised for your charity.

4. Collect A Check At The End Of The Campaign with Your Proceeds.

At the end of the 60 day campaign, we total up your campaigns payouts and cut your charity a check for a percentage of your total payouts. Depending on the total amount of payouts, that percentage will be at least 10% and up to 20% of the total campaign payouts.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Temple Isaiah in Fulton, MD Raised $6,687.60

Donna Kasoff organized the fundraiser and had this to say…

Temple Isaiah Fundraiser with Donna Kasoff

“When I learned about the Gold Party Event fundraiser, I was sold.  This idea was a win-win: Earn cash for yourself and Gold Party Event will donate to your charity…a no brainer for me.

I brought this idea to my synagogue and, although people loved the idea, there were many skeptics. It sounded too good to be true.

When the guests at my first party received their cash, they were amazed and, from their success stories, the parties grew.  Within 30 days, we earned over $6,600 for our synagogue! In our last fundraiser at the synagogue, it took 700 man hours to raise that amount of money. This was the easiest fundraiser I have ever been a part of and the most lucrative for the effort.  Staci and Tara were wonderful to work with and I now call them my friends. I plan on having another fundraiser at my synagogue in the fall.  Thank you Gold Party Event!”

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Charity Fundraiser FAQ’s

We buy old, unwanted gold and silver jewelry. This includes everything from class rings, necklaces, watches and charms to flat ware and silver coins, too. Broken items and outdated styles are some of the most common pieces that we purchase during our fundraisers.

We buy from you, your friends, your family, and your supporters. Our charity fundraisers tend to work best when you pick a couple of dates to host an event – in conjunction with one of your charity’s existing events is ideal. Promote our presence at your event to your supporters and ask them to the participate and to spread the word. Anyone can support your fundraiser and it doesn’t cost them anything.

Anyone who sells an old item to us during your fundraiser gets a competitive market rate for their unwanted item. AND NO MONEY IS TAKEN OUT OF YOUR SUPPORTERS’ POCKETS OR PAYOUTS.

Based on the total payouts during your fundraising campaign, we cut a check for either 10%, 15% or 20% of your total campaign payouts. We make the donation and no money is taken out of your supporters’ payouts.

Schedule A Gold Party Event Charity Fundraiser And We’ll Create Your Event A Web Page

Note: The example below is from an actual web page we made for the 2013 Rockville Twilighter. You can see the actual page here.

Sample Charity Fundraising Landing Page

  • 1. Pick a date for your gold party and invite your friends.
  • 2. We’ll provide a FREE, no-obligation appraisal of your jewelry items (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) that you no longer wear or want.
  • 3. If you’re happy with the appraisal and the price we’ve quoted you, sell us that old piece of jewelry.
  • 4. For every dollar we pay you, we’ll also donate 10% of the transaction to the charities that benefit from the Twilighter.
For example: If your item is appraised for $200 and you sell it to us, you keep the $200. We’ll donate $20 for that transaction, to the Twilighter charities. If you have five friends at your party and each sold a $200 item that they didn’t wear anymore, you’d all be $200 richer and your party would’ve raised $120 for the Twilighter charities.

Recent Gold Party Fundraising Successes

  • Temple Isaiah in Fulton, MD
  • Bollman Bridge Elementary School in Columbia, MD
  • Wilde Lake Middle School in Columbia, MD
  • Thunder Hill Elementary School in Columbia, MD
  • Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center in Howard County
  • St Phillip Neri Catholic School in Anne Arundel County
  • South Baltimore Network in Baltimore, MD

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Fundraising Testimonials

John Birus | Principal, Thunder Hill Elementary School

Thanks to our Gold Party Event fundraiser at Thunder Hill Elementary, we were able to fund our annual Arts Integration Day. The proceeds generated for our school were well beyond our expectations. The event was easy to plan and a great way for both parents and staff members to contribute to our school without the hassle of traditional fund raising programs. Additionally the staff from Gold Party Events were friendly and efficient!

John Birus, Principal, Thunder Hill Elementary School Columbia, MD

Thunder Hill Elementary Fundraiser with Principal John

Check presentation for Thunder Hill Elementary School’s Fundraiser with Principal John Birus

Not everyone’s been to a gold party. We get that. It’s really easy. Here are the basics…

Tara Explains

You may be familiar with the concept “home parties”. These are parties hosted in your house where a sales rep for a company comes and does a semi-private presentation of a line of products. Some very popular examples include products like Tupperware or Pampered Chef.

How We’re Different

Instead of coming to your house and showing you items for you to buy, we appraise your unwanted jewelry – for free – and then tell you what we’d pay you for your items if you’d like to sell. We pride ourselves on offering the highest payouts in the region.